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Hiring @ Keyframe - Analyst

To be considered for this job, you must fill out this questionnaire: ---

Overview... Keyframe is an investment firm that solves capital markets challenges to unlock growth and propel innovation. We are expanding the team to invest out of our newest fund, focused primarily on the energy transition. In our typical investment process, we focus deeply for a period on an area we believe is undergoing some disruption (often technological or regulatory driven) and build relationships throughout it. We call this a market segment blitz. As an Analyst, you will be the tip of the spear on Keyframe’s market segment blitzes. Know and be known, in these target markets, will be your north star. What you’ll do... Market analysis & development. You will spend most of your time on primary research through market segment blitzes. Some of the most common activities will include identifying market participants, building relationships with them, and synthesizing learnings across your variety of conversations and activities. You will meet hundreds of executives, investors, and market leaders across a diverse set of industries per quarter. You’ll learn constantly and, in the process, will:

  • Codify lists of stakeholders in each market where Keyframe targets investments

  • Network your tail off to meet all of them, over email and at events and conferences

  • Develop and maintain relationships that the team can leverage for diligence, market color, and sourcing investment opportunities

  • Map competitor landscapes & competitor attributes

  • Understand changes in buying behavior in target segments, and other market trends, and synthesize analyses on this for the Keyframe team

  • Be well informed about each target market (investment opportunities, active investors, expected disruptions, talent on the move, etc.)

Portfolio development. As you build the depth & quality of your network described above, you’ll also stay up to date on Keyframe’s portfolio’s business development goals, and identify opportunities to make connections between the activities above and the following with the Keyframe portfolio:

  • Source partnerships

  • Source hires

  • Source strategic customer relationships

  • Source and qualified follow-on investors

What you’ll learn... Performance in your job requires you to demonstrate your learning on a daily basis. You’ll be building a deep understanding of what’s happening in energy transition markets at a ground level. Who is doing new things, what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, how they’re doing it, who they’re working with, why that’s who they’re working with – this is the sort of investigation that you’ll be doing. Energy is changing so rapidly. You’ll be on the front lines, figuring out what that means for the different types of people who that’s impacting, or who are driving that change. And synthesizing those learnings to the rest of the Keyframe team. Every day, in every conversation, you will learn something new – and you’ll bring that back to the team to help us figure out which direction to point Keyframe’s attention. As you do so, you’ll develop all the skills necessary to do excellent market research and a variety of types of executive-level business development – from sales and partnerships through corporate development and investing. You will learn how best to engage with executives, investors, and corporate leaders, and will develop executive-level communication skills and seasoned deal-making sensibilities. You will be supported, managed, and mentored by experienced investors, board members, and executives. While it will undoubtedly be hard work, you will be rewarded with continuous learning, development, and industry exposure at the heart of changing markets. Why you’ll win...

  • An ability to hit the ground running. That probably looks like 1+ years of experience in consulting, product management, customer success, GTM strategy, or more.

  • You have a track record for being wildly enterprising. You’re excited to be in a room of strangers to figure out how you can create value for each of them, and you’re effective at identifying that, communicating it quickly and clearly, and engaging them in next steps appropriately.

  • You’re effective at synthesizing information. You know how to ask the right questions and take great notes. And you listen in a way that gives you unique insights. When you need to get your point across, you can do so in under 30 seconds.

  • You REALLY like to meet new people. You can walk into that room of strangers and leave with five friends.

  • You’re competitive. You’re accustomed to winning and just cannot stand losing. You’ll figure out ways to crush every target we set for you and ask for more.

  • You have endless curiosity. When you have a question, you’re just dying to ask it.

  • You know what you know, and what you don’t. You’ll be in over your head all the time. You’ll be clear about fact versus interpretation and won’t feel pressure to pretend to know anything you don’t. You’re comfortable identifying gaps in your knowledge and asking for help.

  • You take incredible pride in your ability to communicate. Where it be over email, Zoom, the phone, in-person meetings, group discussions, presentations… no matter the medium, you’re very confident in your ability to tell a compelling story.

  • You sweat the details, simply because they matter. You don’t need someone to inspect your work.

  • You want work to be fun, and dynamic. Because you’re fun and dynamic. You care about culture. You want to work in a place that enables you to get the most out of your enterprising nature and have a blast while you’re doing it. You want to work with people who not only want that too but believe it matters to run a successful company.

--- To be considered for this job, you must fill out this questionnaire:


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