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Hiring @ Keyframe - Biz Dev / Platform Lead

Keyframe is hiring a new Platform & Business Development lead! It’s a super exciting time for the firm, and this is a very high impact role. Read more about the position below.

To apply, fill out this form: [role is filled]

For more information, feel free to reach out to


Keyframe Overview

Keyframe is a NYC based investment firm principally focused on market disruption caused by energy transition. We began investing our first fund in Jan 2020, and currently manage a portfolio of 30+ positions with ~$1.3b AUM. We target $25-75m investments – the stuff that is too small for institutional equity and private equity, and too large or complex for venture capital. The hard stuff. The consequential stuff.

We dive deep into industry segments to identify and target future winners regardless of stage. Once we find them, we use our cross-asset flexibility and structuring expertise to fit ourselves into the right shape and size to meet the capital need of that particular situation. That’s where you come in.

And find a sampling of market views, press releases, and portfolio company coverage:

In your role as Associate – Platform and Business Development, you will help lead the firm's efforts in market engagement, sourcing, portfolio development, and platform development.


What you’ll do…

Market engagement. You will spend most of your time on deep, diversified engagement with stakeholders in industry segments of interest. You will meet hundreds of executives, investors, and market leaders across a diverse set of industries per quarter. Seriously… hundreds. You will learn constantly and, in the process, will:

  • Codify lists of stakeholders in each market where Keyframe targets investments

  • Network your tail off to meet all of them, over email and at events and conferences

  • Develop and maintain relationships that the team can leverage for sourcing and diligence

  • Map competitor landscapes & attributes

  • Understand changes in buying behavior in target segments

  • Be well informed about each target market (investment opportunities, active investors, expected disruptions, talent on the move, etc.)

Portfolio development. You’ll spend time with the executive teams of Keyframe’s portfolio companies, to be aware of their business development priorities. You will use this knowledge, as you complete your market development activities, to identify partnership opportunities, talent for hire, strategic customers, and strategic investors and plug them into the Keyframe portfolio.

Platform development. You will define goals & a supporting strategy for how Keyframe engages with its ecosystem, including activities like events, conferences, content, public relations, and sponsorships. For this, you will manage a $100-200k annual budget.


Ten reasons why you’ll win...

  1. You have the ability to hit the ground running. That usually looks like 2-7+ years of work experience in a related field (i.e., utility player or business development at a high growth company, strategy consultant, corp dev or strategy & operations role at a larger company, etc.)

  2. You have a track record for being wildly enterprising. You’re excited to be in a room of strangers to figure out how you can create value for each of them. You’re effective at identifying that, communicating it quickly and clearly, and driving follow ups.

  3. You intuitively understand business equations. You don’t need more than a few pieces of information about a business model to strawman its margin profile and operating levers. You’re effective at quickly synthesizing both qualitative and quantitative information.

  4. You think strategically. You can effectively translate goals into plans, and weigh tradeoffs between different options.

  5. You REALLY like to meet new people. You can walk into that room of strangers and leave with five friends. When you have a question, you’re just dying to ask it.

  6. You are bold. You know when to ask for forgiveness versus permission.

  7. You’re competitive. You’re accustomed to winning and just cannot stand losing. You set an exceed goals for yourself.

  8. You know what you know, and what you don’t. You’ll be in over your head all the time. You’ll be clear about fact versus interpretation and won’t feel pressure to pretend to know anything that you don’t. You’re comfortable identifying gaps in your knowledge and ask for help.

  9. You take incredible pride in your ability to communicate. Whether it be over email, Zoom, the phone, in-person meetings, group discussions, presentations… no matter the medium, you’re very confident in your ability to tell a compelling story and sweat the details of your written communication. You don’t need someone to inspect your work. You understand well that listening is as important to communication as speaking.

  10. You want work to be fun, and dynamic. Because you’re fun and dynamic. You care about culture. You want to work in a place that enables you to get the most out of your enterprising nature and have a blast while you’re doing it. You want to work with people who not only want that too but believe that it matters to run a successful company.


What you’ll learn...

The question you should be asking is – what won’t I learn? Learning is literally your job.

Your daily responsibilities require you to learn constantly. You will build a deep understanding of Keyframe’s investment criteria, coverage areas, portfolio needs, and will apply that in-market to drive the most value for investment, portfolio, and operational outcomes. The learning curve will start steep and stay steep.

With your success, you’ll hone your executive level business development skills in several areas. You will learn how to best engage with CEOs, CFOs, board members, investors, industry stakeholders, and will come out of the experience having developed executive level communication skills, seasoned deal-making sensibilities, and other corporate development and business planning skills.

As you become more senior with Keyframe, you will leverage your relationships to lead various aspects of Keyframe’s investment process: investment diligence, investment modeling, structuring, negotiation, legal documentation, and portfolio operations. Given that Keyframe invests in a wide variety of business and transaction types, you’ll have exposure to investment strategies in venture equity, private equity, corporate debt (public and private). At a certain point, you’ll have learned enough about each of those things to be a Partner at Keyframe, somewhere else, or to be a valuable force in joining a company or starting your own.

Additional information...

  • Competitive salary and target bonus. Opportunities to outperform target bonus will exist.

    • Salary range: $90-130k

    • Bonus range: 15-25%

    • Maximum allowable retirement contribution: $22,500 (in 2023) (no employee contribution necessary

    • $5000 annual professional development budget

    • Sponsored meals while working

    • Annual $1500 technology budget

    • Charitable donation matching up to $500 per year

  • Comprehensive benefits, including: fully paid for healthcare (medical, dental, vision), maximum allowable retirement contribution, commuter benefits card, in-office gym – including lockers and shower, in office lunch and dinner, holiday parties, non-holiday parties, spontaneous fun, a quarterly firm swag refresh, and an invitation to the firm’s annual trip.

  • Expectation of travel up to 33% of the time to various investor and industry conferences, and occasional visits to Keyframe target or portfolio companies

  • Flexible PTO policy

  • Our office is at 55th and Park in NYC. Most of us are in the office most days, with flexibility to occasionally work from home with manager approval.

For more information, feel free to reach out to

APPLICANT NOTE - only those who fill out this form will be considered: [role is filled]


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