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News: Keyframe and Nexus Labs release new white paper on building controls technology

Buildings – the materials they are made from and their daily operations – contribute ~40% of global CO2 emissions (Source 1). In NYC, buildings are responsible for close to 70% of GHG emissions (Source 2). As striking as these statistics are, we wouldn’t be surprised if this is your first time coming across them.

Nearly 3 years ago when we started looking at this space, quality market research was scarce. We eventually found James Dice, who was then at NREL. James had resources that no one else did – market landscapes, newsletters, podcast interviews with smart building vendors.

Since then, Keyframe has made 7 investments in the space, James has started Nexus Labs (and has 80+ podcast episodes), and market research is still limited! That’s why Keyframe decided to support James and his team to change that. We’re excited to share with you his latest white paper, sponsored by Keyframe, “The Untapped 87%: Simplifying Controls Technology for Small Buildings.”

We hope that you find this independent research useful. If you’re interested in collaborating or co-sponsoring additional research, drop us a note at



1) Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction, “2019 Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction,”

2) NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, “Inventory of New York City Greenhouse Gas Emissions,”


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