Ben Birnbaum | Partner


Currently Researching: vehicle electrification, building system efficiency (or lack thereof), the relationship between buildings and energy, shifts in transportation operating models, the impacts of the Biden infrastructure bill on municipal and industrial contracting

Benjamin Birnbaum is a Partner at Keyframe.  His focus is primarily on how technology is causing market change across a number of physical infrastructure categories, like transportation and energy, inspired by earlier career experiences as an operating leader for one of the world's largest passenger transportation companies.

He believes that technology is only beginning to ravage the physical world, and that as it continues, that many industrial and service segments will restructure.  When they do, a new class of companies will emerge with novel financial requirements and require an entrepreneurial partner.  Ben is more than anything curious and solutions oriented around creating positive change for the world by trying to create this partner at Keyframe. 


Before joining Keyframe, Ben was Vice President of Strategy for MV Transportation. MV operates public transit contracts in over 200 cities in North America.  In this role, Ben was responsible for integrating cutting edge technologies and service models into municipal transit operations - like autonomous and electric vehicles, and rideshare.  He spent the early part of his career in corporate development for McGraw Hill Education, working similarly on market change and its impact on incumbents - just in a different market.  Ben holds bachelors and masters degrees in accounting from Pennsylvania State University. 


Ben lives in New York City with his wife Amy and their loving, majestic Old English Sheepdog Marvin. Ben and Amy try to go on one honeymoon every year - please send recommendations. Ben hosts a pick-up basketball game on Tuesday nights in the East Village. You are welcome to join any time.